Pokémon reveals new Electric-type Gym Leader in latest trailer

Pokémon’s latest “trailer” shows off Iono, an Electric-type specialist and influencer in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The trailer is presented in the form of an in-game stream, tapping into the VTuber and influencer culture. You can watch today’s new trailer on Pokémon’s YouTube channel here:

Naturally, fans were taken aback and divided over this trailer. It’s a completely different direction compared to previous teases, and the biggest drawback was the lack of reveals. Of course, the kind of streams being emulated here absolutely string along as much buildup as possible, so maybe it’s both self-aware and intentional.

The premise of the stream is for viewers to guess Iono’s partner Pokémon. Fans have speculated on plenty of possibilities, with many references to Pawmi. Iono’s description calls it squishy, sluggish, and easy going. It also has two bumps on its head and generates electricity in its belly. But given this description, it could be something new altogether, so it’s sort of unclear.

Aside from the lack of information, the trailer was also missing an English dub. This is technically fine, given the source material and theme of the video. Still, some were annoyed by subtitles nonetheless, and it may have been a little harder to connect with the character.

Iono’s high energy seems perfectly fitting for an Electric-type gym leader, and her baggy clothes have a cute design. She also comes off a little full of herself, but it’s presented in a playful and harmless way.

Some fans feel a little disappointed that the trailer didn’t continue the ongoing trend of previous reveals, and it is a little odd that Pokémon teased this in advance yesterday. It raised expectations for something more significant. However, Scarlet and Violet have already shown off quite a bit, and revealing too much could just reduce hype for the game so close to launch.

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