Pokémon reveals new Ghost-Type dog in latest trailer

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet just released another trailer featuring one of the new Pokémon fans can expect. This time, it was a ghostly pooch with a candle on its head and mysterious powers. The trailer closed with a reminder of the next gen’s launch date, November 18th, 2022. You can watch the full trailer on Pokémon’s YouTube channel:

The found-footage horror movie approach to this trailer is a perfect fit for the Halloween season, and there’s a surprising little mystery here. The new ghost dog hasn’t officially been given a name just yet, and it seems to sap the energy from anything around it.

Some fans have been complaining that the new reveal was too cute, which seems a little too demanding, but to be fair, players will already be getting Fidough. However, the friendly appearance could potentially be a deception. It would serve as the perfect baiting device, and it may not be the ghost of a dog at all, considering that it lives or sleeps underground.

Still, although licking is generally considered an attack in Pokémon (especially from ghosts), it didn’t quite come off that way. The unnamed Pokémon appears to be licking to help at the end, so maybe sapping energy is an accident. That would make it a tragically lonely little thing.

When the candle was first brought up, your thoughts definitely go to Litwick at first, the cute Ghost and Fire-type from Gen five. Although that wasn’t the case today, disappointing some fans, that doesn’t mean it won’t be explored in the upcoming games anyway.

Either way, this reveal is much less controversial than the big reveal for Bellibolt, which tapped into influencer culture for the Electric-type gym leader. Bellibolt has a profoundly odd art design, by comparison.

Today’s trailer was fun, festive, and revealed a new species, which is what the fans really care about most. You can read more about Pokémon’s latest updates by following our news section!

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