Pokémon Scarlet reveals Farigiraf, a new Girafarig evolution

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have officially released a look at Girafarig’s new Paldean evolution form, Farigiraf. It will also be a dual normal and psychic type, with the classic tail wrapped around its long neck and head this time. Pokémon showed off a GIF of the new form on their Twitter feed:

Many fans have come to agree that this evolution looks a little bizarre, yet also strangely cute. The tail always was, but wearing it like a costume is certainly a bold direction to go, and maybe even timely for Halloween.

Still, a lengthy official blog about the new Pokémon carefully explains Farigiraf’s actual biology. It’s surprisingly detailed, and really trying to sell players on the concept of two brains, a whipping tail and the antennae.

Of course, there have been stranger designs, and Farigiraf is surely more compelling than most of the Pokémon influenced by household objects.

Girafarig is a beloved Gen II classic, and was always a joy to collect, even if it wasn’t always the most viable in later battles. However, Farigiraf appears to be a little tougher, with abilities like Cud Chew and Armor Tail.

Cud Chew will let Farigiraf double dip with a single berry, and berries are highly useful for saving turns mid-battle. Meanwhile, Armor Tail can cancel opposing Pokemon’s priority moves. This could prove to be a genuinely successful strategy, by preventing enemies from spamming powerful attacks. Both abilities mark the first time they will appear in the series.

Overall, Farigiraf is mostly an exciting addition to the series, even if its appearance is somewhat odd. It’s always nice to see older generation Pokémon continue to get some love, because they were truly memorable for their innovation.

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