Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Official teaser Trailer revealed

The indie-survival horror game developed by MOB Games, Poppy Playtime, just released a teaser trailer, providing a sneak preview of its upcoming Chapter 3.

In Poppy Playtime, players will take the role of a former employee of Playtime Co. as they explore the abandoned toy factory in search of the dark truth behind its shutdown. The players will find out that some of the toys in the factory are alive, with some of them becoming hostile against them as they explore the facility. Players may also find VHS tapes around the map. These tapes include voice recordings of other former employees, which may reveal hints about the factory’s history.

There are presently two Chapters available in Poppy Playtime, with the most recent release of the second chapter being in May 2022. Players got their first experience navigating the Playtime Co. and making use of the GrabPack in the first chapter of the game, which was dubbed “A Tight Squeeze.” Players also came face to face with Huggy Wuggy, the primary enemy of the chapter, as well as Poppy, the first toy manufactured by Playtime Co., who made her debut at the conclusion of Chapter 1.
Within Chapter 2, “Fly In Web,” players have the opportunity to

investigate Playtime Co.’s Game Station. The Game Station has a new activity that enables players to participate in puzzles with Bunzo Bunny and Huggy Wuggy as well as a tag game with PJ Pug-A-Pillar and Mommy Long Legs, the primary enemy of Chapter 2.

In the teaser for Chapter 3, Mommy Long Legs and Huggy Wuggy were shown lying on the ground, along with other toys and what seems to be a gas mask, which may be a new utility for players to use in addition to the GrabPack.Here’s a look at the Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 teaser, courtesy of MOB Game’s official Youtube Channel:

Although Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 is already being teased, MOB Games has not yet confirmed its exact release date. However, players may expect the new chapter to be available by 2023.

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