Project Slayers All Clans List – Every Rarity!

If you’re looking to become the most powerful character in Roblox Project Slayers then you’re going to need to have the right clan. There are a variety of different one that you can join, but some are more rare than others. We’ll take a look at all of the available clans in the game in this post.

Clans give your character a passive buff that will help you along in the game. The rarity determines how often you might see it when you roll for one. The rarer the clan, the more likely it is to be more powerful.

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Project Slayers Clans List

  • Kamado (0.1% Chance – Supreme)
  • Agatsumo (0.1% Chance – Supreme)
  • Tomioka (1% Chance – Mythic)
  • Kocho (4% Chance – Legendary)
  • Shinazugawa (4% Chance – Legendary)
  • Ubuyashiki (30% Chance – Rare)
  • Kanzaki (30% Chance – Rare)
  • Urokodaki (30% Chance – Rare)
  • Haganezuka (30% Chance – Rare)
  • Kanamori (30% Chance – Rare)
  • Nakahara (Uncommon)
  • Terauchi (Uncommon)
  • Takada (Uncommon)
  • Kaneki (Uncommon)
  • Sakurai (Common)
  • Fujiwara (Common)
  • Mori (Common)
  • Hashimoto (Common)
  • Saito (Common)
  • Ishida (Common)
  • Nishimura (Common)
  • Ando (Common)
  • Onishi (Common)
  • Fukuda (Common)
  • Kurosaki (Common)
  • Haruno (Common)
  • Bakugo (Common)
  • Toka (Common)
  • Izuku (Common)
  • Suzuki (Common)
  • Todoroki (Common)

If you have additional questions, you might want to head to the Project Slayers Trello or Discord!

That’s everything we know about the clans in Roblox Project Slayers. We’ll update this post with additional information as more are released, and update any bonuses if they are changed or added in the future!

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