PUBG releases new Dead by Daylight crossover trailer

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has released a brand-new trailer for today’s upcoming crossover event with Dead by Daylight, showcasing how the limited-time Halloween mode will look in-game. The event for PC and consoles begins today, October 21st, at noon PDT, and will run through November 6th, 11 PM.

You can watch the full new trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel here:

The unexpected collaboration was first announced on October 3rd, but didn’t clarify the rules or schedule until the last couple of days in an official blog post. Both PUBG and Dead by Daylight have continued to retain a loyal fanbase, with surprising legs over the years.

It’s a little disappointing that PUBG is receiving a full, dedicated mode, while Dead by Daylight couldn’t quite find a better way to exchange features. PUBG has literally incorporated the entire structure of Dead by Daylight gameplay, and some interesting new skins will be added.

Although, to be fair, Dead by Daylight has been successful enough with its own original content. The “Haunted by Daylight” event that was revealed on October 6th has proven to be very popular, offering plenty of new cosmetics and a void update.

If you’re a PUBG player that wants to collect everything in time, it’s important to remember that playing five full minutes will count as one completed match, including time spent as a spectator. So, if you’re trying to rack up the gameplay count, it’s worthwhile to stick around for a bit, even if things didn’t go very well.

Players will be able to earn The Huntress, The Legion, The Clown and The Trapper costume sets. While these are decent additions to the game, and certainly unique, it would’ve been nice to see something a little more elaborate from the outlandish world of Dead by Daylight. Even if it did disrupt ordinary gameplay a bit.

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