Punishing: Gray Raven introduces No. 21: XX1 skills

Punishing: Gray Raven has revealed the skills and other details regarding the new tank No. 21: XXI.

Punishing: Gray Raven will release No 21: XXI after the update “Inscription of Labyrinth” on October 18, 2022. No. 21 is a former test subject of Daedalus and is now in the Babylonia Task Force with Vera. She has a risk of turning violent under specific circumstances and has a vague understanding of human emotions. She is an A Rank construct and uses a collab bot as her primary weapon. 

No. 21 is a burst tanker with high mobility and has physical (20%) and dark (80%) elements. Her red orb skill is called Nightfall Realm. No. 21 leaps into the air and places a Twilight Field on the target’s location. The field can pull enemies in a large area and deal damage. No 21 will unleash 3 Twilight Matrices and perform a forced evasion. Afterward, her co-bot will pull enemies and deal damage. Her blue orb skill is called Cluster Recursion. No. 21 enters a Hyperposition state and copies Basic and Shadow Prism attacks. Then, her co-bot will launch a dash attack toward the target. Lastly, her yellow orb skill is called Dusk Bladewheel. She leaps toward the enemies and releases a Dusk Bladewheel that deals significant damage. After that, she stays in the air and will release Twilight Matrices on the target’s location.

Shadow Prism Agglomerate, core passive of No. 21, lets her gather 1 point of Shadow Prism for each basic attack. She performs a Shadow Prism attack upon the next basic attack when there are 4 Shadow Prism points and generates 1 Twilight Matrix on the target’s location. Shadow Prism can knock down enemies and deal 20% dark DMG. When she is in Haywire status, instant dodge is used by clicking the dodge button to negate all debuff statuses. 

No. 21’s signature move, Shadow Prism Collapses, costs 120 Energy. She expands an Enhanced Duskglow Realm within her location and allows her to enter Quick Attack mode, where each of her basic attacks deals with dark DMG. After Quick Attack mode, the realm explodes and deals dark DMG to the enemies. Moreover, her co-bot will release a Force Wave and detonate all Twilight Matrices as the realm explodes.

No. 21: XXI’s Japanese voice will be provided by Inori Minase, famous for her roles as Heaven in Takt op. Destiny and Rem in Re: Zero. Meanwhile, Qian Chen will provide the Chinese voice, famous for her role as Sun Rong in The Daily of the Immortal King.

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