Raiden IV x Mikado Remix announced for 2023

Fans of classic arcade hits were surprised with the new trailer for a Raiden IV x Mikado Remix, expected to release in early 2023. The compatible platforms will include PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

You can watch a full two-minute trailer, which shows off plenty of details about the upcoming features, from Xbox’s official YouTube channel here:

Raiden is a scrolling vertical shooter that launched back in 1990, where players control a duo of pilots to defend the Earth from aliens in the year 2090.

This series may not have revolutionized the industry, but it frequently offered some great gameplay and a killer soundtrack. In fact, many fans responded to the new trailer with praise and hopes for a chance to play the rest of the original games too.

Fans can already pre-order a Special and Deluxe edition now, as seen on the NIS EU Online Store here:

The Special Edition will be the most expensive option. It will include a 2-Disc soundtrack with a jewel case, Digital Soundtrack insert, poster, and O-sleeve. The Deluxe Edition will only include the Digital Soundtrack insert and Poster.

Announcement Trailer Breakdown

The newest trailer reveals the core additions and features of the remix release. It briefly shows off the famous Fighting Thunder ME-02 and Raiden MK-II ships, before promising five different game modes to play.

The new game modes will include Arcade with “Flash Shot” scoring, Score Attack for players to pursue high scores, Additional Mode with new levels, an Overkill Mode that demands quick kills, and Boss Rush to repeat your biggest battles.

Next, the game will smartly capitalize on the iconic music by featuring remixes from new artists, such as Heavy Metal Raiden, Go Sato Band and more. Lastly, the trailer previews dual play, double play, and vertical play modes.

You can read more about Raiden IV x Mikado Remix and other retro hits by following our news section!

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