Rainbow Six Extraction trailer teases After Effect event

Rainbow Six Extraction continues to barrel forward with a new Crisis Event, “After Effect”, which is now scheduled to run between October 27th and November 17th, 2022. The event will introduce a new alien being called the “Nucleus”, as well as free cosmetics and more studies. You can watch the full After Effect trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel here:

Rainbow Six Extraction has gone sorely overlooked since launch, because its gameplay has chosen the middle lane. It tends to frustrate loyal fans of the Rainbow Six franchise for its sci-fi approach, while the tactical demands can feel like a bit much for newcomers.

However, it’s certainly the most accessible title in this traditionally grounded series, and it’s also a nice fit for the Halloween season. While many games are releasing Halloween events, Rainbow Six Extraction always had elements of horror, mainly due to the extreme consequences when your stealth is compromised.

But Rainbow Six Extraction’s “Nightmare Fog” event was arguably more festive than this update, which focuses on some kind of existential meaning posed by the arrival of a “Nucleus” alien being.

The lore behind this game is interesting, but it may not capitalize on Halloween quite as well as previous Crisis Events. The premise that players must secure the Nucleus in Rainbow Six Extraction’s new update just isn’t as creative, and basically involves more of the same.

By comparison, the core Rainbow Six Siege game is bringing back its traditional Doktor’s Curse, which may be a little redundant by now, but at least it’s an entirely different way to play.

Still, After Effect is promising new “REACT Tech, Operators, gear and cosmetics”, so perhaps those will be worthwhile. Although Rainbow Six Extraction has struggled with obscurity, it deserves another look for providing genuine tension, especially in October.

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