Rainbow Six Siege trailer teases new Doktor’s Curse creatures

Rainbow Six Siege has just released a new trailer for the return of its “Doktor’s Curse” Halloween event, which features an asymmetrical horror-driven game mode. Doktor’s Curse: The Returned will begin tomorrow, October 13th, and run through November 2nd, 2022.

You can watch the full trailer on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel here:

Rainbow Six Siege fans are mixed on the return of Doktor’s Curse. Borrowing the asymmetrical twist from popular games like Dead by Daylight has been a fun addition to the game.

Even if it doesn’t fit the grounded approach, a conflict that caused Rainbow Six Extraction serious problems, it’s clearly a seasonal treat. Doktor’s Curse is also becoming something of a tradition, so it might be odd to miss out.

The new outfits in the trailer look pretty neat. They’re detailed enough to have personality, yet simple enough to function properly in-game. Azami is a particular standout, and the devs smartly put them front and center.

However, fans were definitely hoping for new content this year. The game has simply circulated in a few new skins into an existing idea, despite the game’s potential.

The Rainbow Six franchise will always have legs, and it continues to play a major role in the eSports scene. But even if this update were some sort of meta joke about the redundancy of horror sequels, it still doesn’t add enough. It probably isn’t interesting enough to invite any newcomers, and many longtime fans are becoming bored with Doktor’s Curse.

It is an opportunity to catch up, if you missed previous seasons. In addition to the return of all the content in previous Doktor’s Curse events, from 2019 and 2021, the devs added an operator card portrait. That comes free for anyone who already purchased the original collections.

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