Rainbow Six Siege’s new Dev Blog reveals upcoming changes in the Ranked system

Rainbow Six Siege has published a new Dev Blog, discussing the changes planned for the Ranked System. In the past, the Ranked System was a pure skill system in which there was only one value, the MMR, used for Skill and Rank. As part of an update to the Ranked System, MMR will be separated into Skill and Rank. The Player’s Skill will be a hidden value used for matchmaking that indicates a player’s ability to win a game. Meanwhile, Rank will be used for climbing the competitive ladder.

With this new Ranked system, the updating of a player’s Skill has not changed, and so the Skill is updated based entirely on the result of the match. If this outcome is unexpected, the Skill updates will be more considerable, and vice-versa. In addition, the updates will be smaller the more accurate the evaluation of the player’s Skill.

The rank will be updated after each match using RANK POINTS. The amount of RP a player earns or loses after each match is related to the difference between their Skill and Rank. In addition, a new Rank named “Emerald” will be created between Platinum and Diamond to soften the advancement between the highest tiers of the ladder.

When players earn enough RP at the end of a match for Ranking Up, they will advance to the next level, which consists of 100 RP each. Meanwhile, Rainbow Six Siege also implemented a new Demotion Shield feature that prevents players from being demoted when they lose a battle with a resulting RP below 0. Previously, players would be demoted to the previous division or level when their RP is below 0. This will only happen if participants have more than 0 RP at the start of the match. If a player with 0 RP loses a match with 0 RP, they will rank down normally.

Rainbow Six Siege will also be removing the placement matches since they will no longer reset player Skill every season and these have not been operating as planned in the earlier versions of Ranked. Removing the skill reset will guarantee that the Matchmaking quality of games does not degrade at the beginning of the season, since the player’s Skill level has already been predetermined and they will be matched with opponents of a similar level. What will be resetting is the player Rank every season, and at the start, all players will be placed in Copper 5 and climb up from there.

Rainbow Six Siege will also be removing the Squad MMR Restriction. This was implemented before to prevent some exploits in the system. However, with the new Ranked system, different measures are now running on the backend to prevent those exploits without compromising players’ ability to play with their friends.

Rainbow Six Siege intends to bring this update in hopes that the Ranked experience will now be a smoother progression toward the player’s objective. Learn more about the Ranked system change on the Rainbow Six Siege Dev Blog on Steam.

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