Redfall releases new trailer featuring Anglers and Watchers

Redfall, an upcoming cooperative first-person shooter centered on vampires, just released a brand-new trailer that shows off two more of the special enemy vampire classes that players can expect. These include the Angler, which can pull players towards them, and Watchers, which guard areas with beams of eyesight.

Redfall is still due in 2023, with no release date confirmed. You can watch today’s full trailer, “Into the Night”, on Xbox’s YouTube channel here:

Previous trailers for this open-world shooter focused more on the protagonists and setting, including a variety of key abilities and mechanics. Past trailers included more fantasy and comedy in their approach, with supernatural heroes and deliberately playful narration.

This made the game feel a lot closer to Left 4 Dead, which has already had more than enough knock-offs by this point, including AAA titles such as World War Z and lower-end games that fell by the wayside like The Anacrusis. Other classes that have been revealed for Redfall, such as the Blood Bag, even have familiar functions.

Today’s trailer capitalizes on Halloween by leaning into the bloodiness and jump scares in Redfall, which was sorely needed to create more of a unique flavor. There’s no generic rap song here or cheerful dialogue, as in the Official Gameplay Reveal trailer. Instead, there’s a general sense of dread, and a focus on bloodthirsty attacks with horror-themed music.

Ideally, Redfall will be able to balance its stealth and terror with the silly fantasy fun of previous trailers. Sometimes, titles fail to pick a lane and end up failing altogether.

Thus far, Redfall has the opportunity to become a fun party game that features actual tension. It’s a tough line to straddle, and even middling games with familiar IP struggle this way, as in Aliens: Fireteam Elite. But the open-world approach and other unique features might be enough to make a difference.

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