Riot reveals new around-system update coming to League of Legends

Riot’s Game Loop team has revealed some around-system updates arriving soon on League of Legends.

The League of Legends Game Loop team is always working on delivering updates to the game’s around-system, which includes Matchmaking, Champion Select, and the numerous Summoner’s Rift queues. Particularly, the enhancement of these systems is intended to provide players with more equitable matches and provide them with the resources required to adequately prepare themselves and their team for success while playing the game. Around seven months ago, the team worked on various changes for the around-system such as Revival MMR, Solo Only Mode, Re-evaluation of Summoner’s Rift queue portfolio, Role Parity Matchmaking Improvements, and Rank-Based Matchmaking Adjustments.

Recently, the League of Legends Game Loop team revealed that they are now focusing their efforts on several enhancements to the functionality of the Champion Select menu, all of which are anticipated to be released by the end of the year. An in-depth explanation for the planned modifications to the Champion Select functionality has been provided by the Game Loop Team, and can be found below:

  • Champion Select Anonymity: Often, players are drawing conclusions from information provided by external websites and third-party apps. Since most of this information is not always accurate, some players resort to their teammates to force them into doing things they may not want to do, such as picking the same champion every game as it is their highest winrate or most played. As a starting point, the update will allow all Summoner names to be hidden in Champion Select for Ranked Solo/Duo.
  • Pick Order Swapping: By letting teams swap pick orders with the press of a button, the new update intends to streamline the process of crafting players’ drafts to be successful.
  • Loadout Recommender: The new update will provide rune and Summoner Spell recommendations during champ selection. This should help narrow the gap between players who are comfortable with the rune and Summoner Spell systems and those who aren’t. Moreover, this will help reduce barriers to entry and ensure players have the best possible experience with the runes system when initially ramping up on the game. Additionally, this should be helpful for more veteran players who might currently go to external websites or apps to learn what to take on a champion they’re not familiar with.

Although the Champion select functionality changes already seems impressive, the Game Loop is still evaluating new prospects for around-system changes in the future.

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