Roblox BedWars Jack o’ Boom! update log and patch notes

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The BedWars Jack o’ Boom update has been released on October 28th, 2022! In this patch, you will find a wide-variety of changes and bug fixes have been added to the experience. These will hopefully help clear up any issues you may have had and allow you to find some new stuff to do in the game.

Check out our BedWars Commands List post to learn all of the commands available in the game! You can find all of the official patch notes from the Discord below.

🎃 Pumpkin Seeds (NEW LTI)
Pumpkin seeds are now in season within BedWars for only 50 Iron! Harvested pumpkins can be thrown for a cluster explosion effect.

👻 Ghost Balloons
Balloons are now reskinned with a spooky variant!

⚰️ Event Shop Update
🪦 Added Gravestone Kill Effect
🤠 Added Mummy Lassy Kit Skin

🆓 Free Kits of The Week
🌑 Grim Reaper
💨 Smoke
🪤 Trapper

⚖️ Balance Changes
:patch_buff: Miner

  • Resources from kill: +35%
    :patch_buff: Lucía
  • Piñata resources: +15%
    :patch_buff: Whim
  • Base spell damage: 8 → 12
  • Sword damage reduction: 50% → 35%
    :patch_buff: Nyx
  • Max damage multiplier: 30% → 40%
  • Midnight duration: 14s → 16s
    :patch_buff: Void Regent
  • Damage radius: 6.6 blocks → 8 blocks
  • Damage healing percent: 75% → 110%
    :patch_buff: Lani
  • Aura healing per second: 10 → 12
  • Aura duration: 3s → 4s
    :patch_buff: Trinity
  • Light form healing radius: 8 blocks → 14 blocks
  • Void form healing percent: 14% → 16%
    :patch_buff: Lassy
  • Lasso throw speed: +15%
    :patch_nerf: Metal Detector
  • Average iron per dig: -28%
  • Average diamonds per dig: -33%
    :patch_nerf: Star Collector Stella
  • Critical strike star scaling significantly reduced
    :patch_nerf: Kaliyah
  • Projectiles no longer add dragon stacks
    :patch_nerf: Ember
  • Upgraded sword armor penetration: 100% → 50%
    :patch_nerf: Fisherman
  • Obsidian fish: 6 obsidian → 3 obsidian
  • Average emeralds in emerald fish: 4.7 → 3.7

:patch_neutral: Knight’s Code

  • Damage in solos: 18% → 14%
  • Damage in doubles: 20% → 18%
  • Damage in 30v30: 28% → 34%

🔧 Other Changes
🏰 Fixed some players being stuck in “Already in a clan” when attempting to create/join a new clan

Be sure to head over to the Roblox BedWars page to try out this new update! You can check out more information on a variety of different experience in the Roblox section of our website. 

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