Roblox BedWars Winter/Christmas 2022 update log and patch notes

The BedWars Winter/Christmas update has been released on December 17th, 2022! In this patch, you will find a wide-variety of changes and bug fixes have been added to the experience. These will hopefully help clear up any issues you may have had and allow you to find some new stuff to do in the game.

Check out our BedWars Commands List post to learn all of the commands available in the game! You can find all of the official patch notes from the Discord below.

🏔 Minigame Mountain (NEW challenge!)
As a team of 4 you will compete in minigames as you try to reach the summit of the mountain! Conquer the top to unlock Adetunde kit (permanent)!

🥶 Adetunde (NEW kit!)
Adetunde (the Mountain King) is a powerful warrior who carries a Frost Hammer instead of a basic sword. Upgrade his hammer to unlock unique abilities for defense or chaos.

☃️ Winter 2022 Missions & Shop
Complete missions to earn Winter Coins that can be used to purchase items in the Event Shop! More items coming soon!

🎄 Cryptmas Skin
Unlock the new Crypt skin in the Winter Event Shop!

🆓 Free Kits of The Week
⛄ Frosty
🎅 Santa
🍪 Gingerbread Man

🗺️ New Maps
🧊 Icebound (squads)
🎄 Festive Falls (squads)
❄️ Aztec Winter (squads)
🏰 Ice Castle (squads + duos)
🎄 Festive (30v30)
☃️ Frosty Woods (skywars)

⚙️ Other Changes
👣 Added footstep sounds for ice & snow

Be sure to head over to the Roblox BedWars page to try out this new update! You can check out more information on a variety of different experience in the Roblox section of our website. 

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