Roblox Islands Auction House Returns update log & patch notes

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Roblox Islands has released the auction house returns update on October 1st, 2022! In this patch, you will find a wide-variety of changes and bug fixes have been added to the experience. These will hopefully help clear up any issues you may have had and allow you to find some new stuff to do in the game.

You can find the official patch notes below for the update, which were released on the official Islands Discord.

🏦 Auction House Is Back! 🏦

Get your biddings ready everyone because the auction house has returned! Visit Quinn the Artist in the Hub to see what art piece is up for grabs! We have plans for adding new art pieces in the near future so be on the lookout for more art pieces to add to your collection!

🗡️ Updated Weapon Models 🗡️

  • The following weapons have been remodeled:
  • Aquamarine Sword
  • Obsidian Greatsword/Hilt
  • Antler Hammer
  • Rageblade
  • Captain’s Rapier
  • Spellbook
  • Tidal Spellbook

📝 More Questlines! 📝

  • Added additional quests for earning daily rewards:
  • Mining amethyst
  • Defeating the Slime Queen
  • Defeating the Void Serpent
  • Defeating the Void Hounds
  • Breeding Chrysanthemum Flowers

🐛 Misc Changes 🐛

  • Increased bee cap size on island from 6 → 10
  • Fixed net responses to catching entities
  • Fixed arrow ammo count update
  • Fixed mobile bow button not removing
  • Fixed a few weapon renders in toolbar
  • Fixed an issue where quests wouldn’t count as completed
  • Fixed quests complete timer to display correct time now

📈 Crop Market News 📰

🍍 Pineapple prices have risen! (92 → 96)
🍅 Tomato prices have dropped! (9 → 4)

🧑‍🌾 Farmer Cletus was recently heard whispering about starfruit prices…

Be sure to head over to the Roblox Islands page to try out this new update! You can check out more information on a variety of different experience in the Roblox section of our website. 

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