Roblox Islands Disco Decor update log & patch notes

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Roblox Islands has released the Disco Decor update on October 28th, 2022! In this patch, you will find a wide-variety of changes and bug fixes have been added to the experience. These will hopefully help clear up any issues you may have had and allow you to find some new stuff to do in the game.

You can find the official patch notes below for the update, which were released on the official Islands Discord.

🔮 Disco Prop Decor 🔮
You can craft the following items at the Furniture & Electrical Workbench:

  • Disco Ball (Ruby, Gold, and Diamond)
  • Disco Dance Floor Tiles (Multi-colored)
  • Lounge Chairs (White, Red, Blue, Pink)
  • Table Top (White, Red, Blue, Pink)
  • Table Top Chair (White, Red, Blue, Pink)
  • Guitar Wall Decor (Green, Red, Blue, Pink)
  • Short Table Top
  • Speaker System

👑 Owner and Builder Icons 👑

  • Island owners now have a crown icon above their head
  • Players joining will be able to see who has ownership and build perms
  • Giving players build will display a green build icon above their head

🛠️ QoL Changes 🛠️

  • Boss summoning popup improvements! – now the summon popup will show if you can summon a boss for free, or if it’ll cost an item. We believe this is a much cleaner and improved experience around this.

🐛 Misc Changes 🐛

  • Fixed not being able to place blocks around Small Fire Chalice
  • Fixed chest/trash trading glitch
  • Fixed owners not able to loot tradelocked items from cauldrons
  • Added gold net to weapon stands

📈 Crop Market News 📰
🥑 Avocado prices have risen! (32 → 36)
🥕 Carrot prices have dropped! (21 → 16)

🧑‍🌾 Farmer Cletus was recently heard whispering about pumpkin prices…

Reminder: 1 week left of the Halloween Event! Once the event ends, all tradelocked items from the event will be open for trade!

Also, the next few weeks for updates will be a bit smaller as we are planning something huge for you all.

Be sure to head over to the Roblox Islands page to try out this new update! You can check out more information on a variety of different experience in the Roblox section of our website. 

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