Roblox Project Ghoul Christmas update log and patch notes released

The Roblox Project Ghoul Christmas Update has been released on December 20th, 2022. In this patch, you will find a wide-variety of changes and bug fixes have been added to the experience. These will hopefully help clear up any issues you may have had and allow you to find some new stuff to do in the game.

There are some new codes you can get as apart of the update, which you can find on our Project Ghoul codes page. The below patch notes were released via the official Project Ghoul Discord server, and have been corrected and slightly reformatted.

  • Added Snowfall during Winter, turned on Winter season for christmas
  • Added new item “Aura”. You can wear them to weapons, aratas and masks. Most of them have some buffs in-combat! (NPCs can spawn with it)
  • You can obtain aura through boss raid (Arima 1.5% chance, Kuzen 3% chance), rare drop from NPCs that spawned with aura or Blood Laboratory / Arena raid.
  • Added Ghoul base (located on Anteiku’s roof)
  • Added new mission “CCG HQ Raid”. To start it you need at least 3 Ghouls standing next to CCG HQ entrance. (CCGs can participate in it by defending the base by pressing teleport button)
  • Added new mission for CCG and Ghouls “Kill 6 CCG / Ghoul players”
  • Added 24 new 3D clothing
  • Added White Carnival Mask, Shousei Mask, Demon Ape Mask, Oni Mask
  • Added new event bosses: Juuzou, Kaneki, Eto Yoshimura
  • With 0.1% chance V cleaners drop Black Suit
  • With 15% chance Kuzen drops Anteiku’s Uniform
  • With 15% chance Arima drops Samurai’s Outfit
  • With 15% chance Juuzou / Kaneki drops Juuzou’s Outfit / Kaneki’s Outfit
  • With 2% chance Eto’s Outfit drops from Eto
  • Added Blood Arena raid next to factory garages, when completing it gives 20% chance of getting aura & with 6.6% chance drops Oni Mask (It’s a solo raid)
  • Added Blood Laboratory raid next to factory garages, when completing with a 1% chance drops legendary (Nightmare Coat, Night Coat or Corrupted Coat), with 25% chance drops masks Demon Ape, Hollow or Evil Comedy (It’s a party raid)
  • Added Bounty when killing a player
  • Added Bounty Hunter as profession (they will hunt down players with at least 5k bounty, the NPC is located on a roof at construction site)
  • Added merchant, spawns every 60 minutes, despawns after 5 minutes
  • Contains most of the clothing and auras in-game, spawns in 3 randomized locations near CCG HQ
  • Added stat info of an item when hovering preview / rank / title of item
  • Reworked Arata Joker, added lightning dash, added special G skill
  • Reworked Arata II, with a chance procs lifesteal, added special G skill (buffs lifesteal and chance for it to proc)
  • Reworked Proto II, with a chance returns incoming damage, added special G skill (buffs incoming damage, higher chance for it to proc)
  • With 1/200 chance NPC may spawn using kakuja, and slight stronger (power stacks on oe npcs)
  • Trading has been added
  • Added boss OST when fighting raid bosses
  • Every 8 minutes with a 33% chance starts firework parade near construction site (will be removed after christmas)
  • Added new Kagune: Hinami Chimera (Epic)
  • Added new Quinque: Kajiri
  • Added new visual effect on dash, run and quest complete


  • Fixed a bug with data rollback disabling some gameplay until rejoin
  • Fixed a mistake when item model wasn’t found, it would’ve completely stop loading next items in inventory.
  • Fixed rainbow command not working with some of the items
  • Fixed most of animation delays
  • Fixed Unknown Aogiri disabling HUD
  • Fixed that you were able to unequip your weapons mid-skills
  • Fixed IXA problems, skills were barely synced with hitboxes
  • Fixes to Hitbox, making them more accurate, and resolving some detection issues
  • Fixed animations glitch and not playing correctly when you was moving and unequipping/equipping stuff, it was making you walk with run speed, was looking ugly and glitchy. Won’t happen again
  • Fixed Block module wasn’t compatible with kakujas and it was using kagune block anim, and it wasn’t displaying correctly.
  • Fixed Jason kakuja sometimes making your right clothing on right arm invisible on unequip
  • Fixed dash living it’s own life, and not being affected by any stuns. Rewrote how it is handled and added serverside checks.
  • Fixed block glitching
  • Fixed Daze not working on NPCs properly
  • Fixed a very weird bug which caused you getting fully regened when your stats were updating
  • Fixed lingering hitboxes, their duration is now normal
  • Fixed skills hitboxes that were too long
  • Fixed Kuzen Kakuja 3rd, it was a whole mess in it’s code, which caused much weird stuff
  • Fixed it having too long and weird iframe, it’s now punishable if you miss
  • Fixed weird character “vibrating” slightly up and down sometimes
  • Hopefully fixed sideways sprinting for mobile/console/gamepad users
  • FIxed NC X, Kuzen C, Kuzen Kakuja C, Rinkaku4T Kakuja C, Noro C being able to stuck people in place if user resets mid-skill


  • Changed Arena grid from 2×2 to 40×40 (no more pain in eyes!)
  • Expanded interior of CCG HQ for event purposes
  • Now you will lose part of blood / respect you have for dying in PvP, the more you have – the more you lose
  • Disabled keybinds, they weren’t working right anyways and they wouldn’t be needed in future
  • Made so your regen is disabled until you aren’t getting damage for 7 seconds
  • You don’t gain / lose group point, progress kill player quest, lose bounty or blood / respect if you get killed by a group member
  • Added new Arata Keybind: G, xbox: dpad up
  • Added the next buffs to ranks:
    Rank 2 Investigator: 2% buff HP
    Rank 1 Investigator: 4% buff HP
    First Class Investigator: 7% buff HP, +20 block bar, 8% damage buff against Ghouls
    Associate Special Class: 12% buff HP, +30 block bar, 12% damage buff against Ghouls
    Special Class: 18% buff HP, +40 block bar, 16% damage buff against Ghouls [GHOUL]
    D: 3% buff HP
    C: 5% buff HP
    B: 7% buff HP
    A: 10% buff HP, 4% regeneration buff
    S: 14% buff HP, 7% regeneration buff
    SS: 17% buff HP, 10% regeneration buff
    SSS: 20% buff HP, 15% regeneration buff
  • Buffed NPC spawn rate
  • Corpses keep their 3D clothing now
  • If you open menu tab, any other tabs will close
  • Slightly redesigned Inventory UI for it to be bigger
  • Added amount of item counter in inventory, now you can collect multiple items!
  • When you have a quest of eliminating NPCs, you will now spawn next to that quest
  • Added special effect to Exotic / Limited items in inventory
  • When someone finds unknown aogiri it will notify all players.
  • When killing a player you can steal some of their Blood / Respect (caps at 40k)
  • Added ability to chain parry. After you parry with initial 0.25s parry frame, your parry frame gets replaced with a 0.4s one each next parry. So you can parry constantly everything what gonna keep hitting you in the time span on every 0.4s after the initial parry while you hold block
  • Disabled Hunger and Armor for CCG, auto refunds people who got these stats
  • Arata scaling change:
  • MAX DMG BUFF +25%, each 25 str points give +1% DMG BUFF
  • MAX DMG REDUCTION +25%, each 25 hp points give +1% DMG REDUCTION


  • Decreased Jason13th 1st skill hitbox by 3
  • Nerfed Kuzen Raid Boss skill iframes
  • Nerfed Noro and Kuzen Kakuja bleeding. Buffed damage of Noro’s 3rd skill.
  • Increased Kuzen Kakuja X and C skill cooldowns by 2 seconds, C applies hyperarmor instead of iframe to the caster(75% dmg reduction)
  • Getting hit slows you down for .5 seconds (parrying removes slow down debuff from combat)
  • Lowered Amon’s event boss health
  • Lowered block break stun 2.3 > 1.2, when you get block broken it restores block bar to 50%
  • Increased Rinkaku4T kakuja Z and C skill cooldowns by 3 seconds, rage takes 10% of HP on usage, if your HP is lower than 10% then it takes 50% of hunger(if it’s lower it doesn’t work)
  • Buffed all Tsukiyama’s M1 & skill damages, buffed C skill hitbox
  • Increased Doujima Reforge 2nd skill damage by 2.5, increased speed from 50 to 60, applies bleeding now.
  • Increased Doujima Z skill damage by 2, applies bleeding now.
  • Increased Jason13th C skill damage from 10 to 13.5 per multihit, applies daze
  • Made IXA X skill daze if you land it (blockable), C skill daze for 1.5s on hit (blockable)
  • Added bleeding to SSS Owl C skill and increased damage to 16 however it can now only hit 3 times per target, increased damage from 15 to 17.5 per shard, added Daze to SSS Owl X skill, increased Z skill hitbox by 5 and applies stun + bleeding, increased cooldown from 11s > 13.5s
  • Touka’s Z skill applies Bleeding
  • Narukami’s X skill increased damage, X and C skill applies electrify, decreased cooldowns
  • Increased parry frame from 0.2 to 0.25, lowered multi hits needed for anti parry stun from 4 to 3, decreased parry fail when getting hit from 0.55 seconds to 0.3
  • Increased by a lot block passive regen, less delay per block regen
  • Increased overall HP by 25%
  • When you get hit health regeneration disables for 5 seconds instead of 4
  • Yasuhisa Z skill now block breaks, and dazes if target doesn’t block
  • Health stat has now a softcap that applies from 500 health


  • Christmas event is here! It will last 3 weeks before we turn it off, so make sure to enjoy the gifts we’ve left for you 🙂
  • Every 8 minutes with a 50% chance starts firework parade near construction site (will be removed after christmas)
  • Everytime there’s a firework parade, there’s a rare chance of gifts spawning across tokyo city (over 118+ spawn locations, they can be everywhere but in CCG interior, sewers, arena match, boss areas(except nearby)), picking them up there’s a chance of:
    30% -> nothing
    30% -> spins, materials, EXP boost, YEN boost, MATERIAL boost, DROP boost or yen
    25% -> randomized aura
    14% -> christmas clothing or a randomized epic – rare clothing
    1% -> legendary christmas clothing
  • Every 10 minutes Santa appears at Christmas zone! Drops:
    Adventurer Coat (Legendary), Neon Christmas Coat (Legendary), Christmas Coat (Epic), Ice Christmas Case (Epic), Christmas Case (Epic)


  • Z – roar and daze opponents around you (moderate damage, stun, blockable) (7s CD)
  • X – stab your opponents multiple times with your kagune on high speed (moderate damage, multihit) (11s CD)
  • C – swipe your kagune around and then slam down with much force (2 hits, daze and 2nd block breaks) (12s CD)


  • Z – dash forward, leaving detonating traps inside your foes ( stuns and bleed (3s 2% each 1s) )
  • X – throw 3 traps in front of you, stunning and bleeding enemies who step in
  • C – shotgun move, with a initial shard, which breaks on shotgun shots after a while. If you hit the initial shard – it stuns, instead of damaging
  • [ ARATA INFO ]
    +> To gain Arata Joker bar you have to dash (every lightning dash recovers bar)
    +> To gain Arata II you have to hit enemies until it procs life steal (recovers bar)
    +> To gain Proto II you have to get hit by enemies (recovers bar if applies damage return)

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