Rocket League Octane is coming to Fortnite in the v22.10 update

In Fortnite Creative, players have the freedom to design Fortnite games and experiences that can be shared with others online. Players have access to a wide variety of gameplay options in the Creative mode simply by entering the island code. After the successful partnership between Fortnite and Rocket League, which has brought the Llama-Rama, Creative is planning to release Octane Spawner as part of the v22.10 update on October 4.

The Octane Spawner is a vehicle made to defy gravity with its aerial maneuverability. The terrain angles greatly influence its speed. Its speed can decrease when climbing up a slope without using its booster. It has Sticky Wheels, which allow players to drive it up on the wall. It can float and use Boost to propel across water. It is also not affected by the Movement Modulator and Off-Road Tires. Its notable movements include Drift, Dodge, Jump, Double Jump, Air Yaw, Air Roll, Air Pitch, Reverse Camera, Toggle Camera, Boost, and Aerials.

Players can access Octane Spawner by entering the island Code 7808-4434-5127. Follow these steps to find and place the Octane Spawner:

  1. Head to Create Mode
  2. Press Tab and open the CREATIVE Inventory screen
  3. Click the DEVICES tab. Use the Search box and type “Octane Spawner,” or use the Categories in the left panel.
  4. Click PLACE NOW to place it immediately.
  5. Return to your island and use your phone to position the car. Press the Esc button to detach the car from your phone.
  6. Point at the car using your phone. Press “E” to open Customize panel. If the popup didn’t appear, move closer until it shows.

Fortnite has also noted that some devices are affected by a feature called Contextual Filtering. Depending on the settings that are chosen, this feature might conceal some choices. It can reduce clutter in the Customize panel and make the options easier to manage. However, this may have an effect on how easily the automobile is recognized. As a countermeasure, Fortnite Creative uses italics for the values that may trigger Contextual Filtering.

Players may get further information on the Octane Spawner’s controls by accessing the Options bar. The player has the ability to change the controls to suit their preferences. As is the case with Rocket League, it is important to keep in mind that the controls are relevant to the car and not to the camera.

With the new Rocket League feature introduced in Fortnite Creative, fans are spurred with excitement for the next collaborative features that will be developed in the future.

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