Rocket League reveals Aston Martin DBS for James Bond anniversary tie-in

Rocket League will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the classic spy by releasing 007’s iconic Aston Martin DBS for the first time. The tie-in will begin tomorrow at 9 AM pacific daylight time, running between July 13th and July 19th, 2022.

Here’s the official announcement from Rocket League’s Twitter feed, which includes a short teaser for the crossover event:

This isn’t the first time that fans could enjoy some Bond vehicles, so players will also see the return of the old school Aston Martin DB5 Bundle and Aston Martin Valhalla Bundle.

Both of these bundles, as well as the new DBS bundle, will each be available for 1100 credits apiece. That’s a little pricey for recycled content.

But the latest Aston Martin DBS model will come with its own engine audio, wheels, Player Banner and a reel life decal. Fans should note that they won’t be able to customize the new DBS with other branded content.

This is technically a great addition to the game, with terrific art design for the adaptation. And although the DBS doesn’t have quite as much personality or history as the original DB5, there are plenty of fans for the modern look.

Additionally, James Bond’s classic theme will be available as a Player Anthem, which can be purchased for just 300 credits. While many actors have come and gone, each making their mark, the music has remained the same for decades.

Some fans responded with frustration, hoping for new content that doesn’t simply elaborate on existing cosmetics. There’s plenty of new IP that deserves a tie-in, and old crossovers like Hot Wheels that continue to be popular requests. Still, 60 years of a single movie series is a fair occasion to celebrate.

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