Rocket League reveals key details and rewards for “Fan Clash” event

Rocket League has just announced how fans of 8 different professional eSports teams can show their support and earn in-game prizes in the new “Fan Clash” event. Players can sign up immediately, with rewards for signing up, completing online challenges and placing on the leaderboard.

Here’s the big announcement from Rocket League’s feed, which includes an image of the LFT Topper reward:

Players will receive two welcome rewards just for signing up, including a “Team Player” player title and “RL Esports” banner. You’ll have to choose just one eSports team to support throughout the event.

The participating teams are Endpoint, Faze, Furia, G2, Moist, BDS, Falcons and NRG. Although the “Fan Clash” will last during the World Championships, their results won’t affect each other.

To balance out any difference in the number of supporting players between eSports teams, received points will be adjusted comparatively. This is a crucial balancing mechanic, because at the end of the event, fans will receive rewards based on the leaderboard placement of the team they decided to support.

Goals, assists and saves will help your supported team’s global score. The grand prize is a gold-painted Ballistic Pro Goal Explosion, a “Team Titan” title and 1 import drop. Everything below will only include some kind of drop.

When fans complete online challenges, they’ll earn special prizes. For example, winning 10 matches will reward players with the “Infinite Wheels” cosmetic, and getting 35 shots will unlock the Helios boost. The rewards will not be tradable.

Ultimately, this is a creative way to involve the fans in a playful contest, inviting good sportsmanship to celebrate the more serious World Championships. It’s also better content than some of the simple cosmetic updates of late, such as the new James Bond Aston Martin from last month.

You can read more about Rocket League’s latest updates and upcoming content by checking out the rest of our news section!

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