Rockstar confirms GTA VI will continue as planned after Massive Leak

Rockstar Games has finally issued an official statement for fans regarding the viral, truly unprecedented hack of Grand Theft Auto VI. The studio has announced that the development of Grand Theft Auto VI will not be delayed after all, and that fans won’t have to worry about current live services or other ongoing projects. Here’s the full tweet from Rockstar Games’ feed:

The leaker managed to get their hands on dozens of clips, with more expected in the future, and intended to negotiate some kind of deal. It’s one of the most compromising hacks in the industry, drawing both severe worries from employees and sympathy from fans or fellow studios.

Many were concerned the leaks would have a major impact on Rockstar Games’ upcoming titles, let alone the GTA series. While today’s new response indicates that there will be some short-term problems, Rockstar’s tactical reply has played down the impact of the leak, which also robs power from the hacker.

The hack itself has drawn an equal share of support and disdain. Fans quickly relished the opportunity to punish the corporate suits for some of their, well, divisive practices. Some fans have suggested that the lack of communication with fans has invited this kind of behavior, and that it could spur the suits into changing their ways.

But despite some of their questionable behavior in the past, there has been nothing but well-wishes for the creative team behind the next Grand Theft Auto game. It’s very possible that Rockstar could remove work-from-home standards in order to tighten up security. The artists don’t really deserve this.

Either way, it is strange to see criticism for pre-alpha footage, as if the visuals are any kind of proper hint at the finished product. Rockstar Games promises that they’ll update everyone again soon.

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