Roguelike Deckbuilder “Breachway” announced with new trailer

Breachway, an upcoming sci-fi deckbuilder centering on starships and space battles, has just been revealed by developer Edgeflow Studio with a new trailer today. While a release window has not been announced, curious fans of the genre can wishlist Breachway on Steam now. You can watch the full trailer on publisher Hooded Horse’s official YouTube channel here:

Breachway’s first trailer includes some decent graphics, especially for the budget involved. But incorporating card mechanics into a video game can be very challenging to justify without boasting an established IP, or at least a very clever premise.

For example, Marvel Snap, which recently unveiled a thorough roadmap for 2023, doesn’t just rely on superheroes alone. It introduced simultaneous turns for each player, which would probably be too chaotic as a tabletop game, and thus makes the most of its medium.

Breachway’s first impression still looks a little generic right now, and it may have even been more successful as an actual tabletop. The Steam product page does tease that your decisions can help define an ongoing narrative, which is always appreciated, especially in the indie scene. It’s a complex mechanic and definitely boosts replay value.

The art design, environments, and battles are rather pretty though. They somewhat resemble No Man’s Sky, and that isn’t a bad thing. The ships are certainly the highlight of the game, as intended, with tiny and thoughtful details that are more elaborate than usual. The shield and weapon effects look fine, with a lively glow. Also, the action scenes have a tidy Pokémon-style layout.

Publisher Hooded Horse has championed more than a few space-themed indies, but the sci-fi genre does make Breachway more accessible than traditional card-based video games.

You can read more about Breachway, Hooded Horse, and other upcoming indies by checking out the rest of our news section!

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