Rollerdrome “Innovation” trailer reveals new footage and DualSense features

Rollerdrome, the upcoming skating shooter, continues to accelerate marketing by showing off its DualSense features in the latest trailer. The game will only be available on PlayStation and PC at launch, so focusing on PlayStation’s DualSense controllers is natural.

The new trailer is barely a minute, but there are some fun glimpses. You can watch all the footage on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel here:

It’s hard to not feel a little salty about exclusive PlayStation news and features so shortly after their decision to remove 1-on-1 Twitter support. But that’s unfair to the artists that clearly had a unique vision for Rollerdrome, which has a comic book design and successfully blends two beloved genres together.

The devs behind OlliOlli World created Rollerdrome, a retrofuture game that harnesses the best of shooters and sports games alike. There’s a very clever relationship between the mechanics of each genre. Performing tricks earn ammunition, and getting kills restores health.

Set in 2030, players are participating in a bloodsport, not unlike Running Man. The story will have you solve a mystery behind one of many evil corporations that rule the near future.

The core antagonist is called “Matterhorn”, so one can’t help but wonder if that’s a little dig at Disney. After all, they’ve gobbled up massive IPs and their streaming service isn’t getting any smaller.

The latest trailer for Rollerdrome reveals that DualSense controller users will feel the terrain rumble from explosions thanks to haptic feedback. Adaptive triggers react to gunplay, and 3D audio will make it easy to detect enemies.

Rollerdrome will launch on August 16th, 2022. However, it’s also expected to roll out for other consoles on February 16th, 2023, which won’t offer the DualSense experience without new gear.

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