Rollerdrome reveals art design process in new Dev Video

Rollerdrome, the upcoming crossover between sports and shooters, has just released what is likely the final Dev Video before the launch date on August 16th, 2022. The video explores some key details about how the characters and artwork were designed.

The Dev Video features lead artist Antoine Dekerle and character artist Rachel Cox. You can watch the full video on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel here:

It turns out that the main character Kara Hassan had no face for a while, although the suit and helmet had already been designed to fit the futuristic setting. Her features were ultimately selected to create a “serious” and “professional” look.

Meanwhile, the back of Kara’s suit originally had some big artwork for players to see all of the time. But the visual noise turned out to be too distracting, resulting in a more streamlined design.

The colors of the jumpsuit also became muted with a 70’s look in order to mesh well with the surroundings. Although this was a practical decision, it also adds a lot to the sci-fi feeling, which is pretty crucial for the story.

Many of the sci-fi films from the 70’s had very distinct imagery, and a similarly dystopian view of the future. The combination of weathered materials and colorful scenery played a large role, such as Logan’s Run.

It turns out that Dekerle was inspired by comic books from his father’s library. These included Moebius, Jacobs and Hergé, who is often known for The Adventures of TinTin (reintroduced to new generations and fans with the film adaptation).

Those are some pretty unique influences, which wouldn’t show up in the video game industry much. They clearly gave Rollerdrome a lot of personality. Both Dekerle and Cox suggest players should do some exploring, suggesting there might be some secrets hidden in-game.

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