Rollerdrome reveals key details in new gameplay walkthrough

Rollerdrome, PlayStation’s upcoming blend of sports and gunplay, just released even more details in their latest gameplay walkthrough. The footage was released as part of the PlayStation Underground series, a throwback to the classic video game magazine.

While there have been several updates about Rollerdrome lately, this walkthrough is the biggest one yet, featuring several minutes of gameplay:

Rollerdrome’s Lead Game Designer Andreas Yiannikaris guides the walkthrough, which begins with the fourth level of the game, set in a futuristic mall. Then, there’s the seventh level, a ski resort arena where elites make deals for military hardware. As a result, the enemies are even more dangerous.

The closest combination of combat and skating in the near future is probably Jet Set Radio Future, especially with that game’s signature cell-shading.

But Rollerdrome clearly includes a lot more gunplay, where you must perform tricks and kill enemies outright. The walkthrough introduces low-level enemies that use baseball bats. All enemies are referred to as “House Players”, which must be completely eliminated.

A giant multiplier counter will slowly lose its color, indicating how long you have to continue your combos. Dealing or taking damage will either increase or decrease the timer, respectively. Perfect timing will amplify your multipliers and score.

There’s also more footage of the reflex mode, which can be triggered with L2 to slow down the screen for shootouts. This is meant to balance out the increasing speed of the gameplay as you progress. It also helps since you’ll have limited ammo.

Movement is critical to survive. Players can dodge in nearly any situation, even when airborne, allowing you to suddenly shift direction.

The walkthrough also explains how various weapons are ideal for very specific enemies or terrain. For example, some weapons with splash damage might be more effective in certain situations, even if shotguns would ordinarily be powerful enough.

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