Roman Sands RE:Build revealed with trailer for Summer 2023

Roman Sands RE:Build, an upcoming visual novel with horror and puzzle elements, has just been announced with a new trailer during Nintendo’s first “Inside the House of Indies” Holiday Event.

Roman Sands RE:Build can be wishlisted on Steam now. It’s expected to launch on Steam and the Nintendo Switch in Summer of 2023. You can watch the full trailer on publisher Serenity Forge’s YouTube channel here:

Developers Arbitrary Metric has only made two other games, those being Paratopic and Exquisite Ghorpse Story. Both of them lean towards the spooky, though the latter is quite playful. They are also both tremendously low budget, and definitely look it, making Roman Sands RE:Build their most ambitious game yet.

Roman Sands RE:Build has a very compelling and unique art style, which is absolutely essential for any visual novel, a genre with very little interaction. And although today’s trailer mentions Paratopic, the quality in Roman Sands RE:Build is leagues ahead of Arbitrary Metric’s previous outings. The premise is also more creative, proudly flaunting its variety of genres and ideas.

This may explain how Serenity Forge became involved. As a publisher, they have supported a wide range of auteur developers, each with a very distinguishable art style and vision, which is always a crucial foundation for any indie to succeed. Last September, Serenity Forge announced Homestead Arcana, which mixes up the farm simulation genre with witches and magic.

Nintendo will host more indie updates every day through December 23rd, at 9 AM pacific time. For a full look at some of the other indies accompanying Roman Sands RE:Build today, you can review the first day of Nintendo’s “Inside the House of Indies” series here:

You can read more about Roman Sands RE:Build and other upcoming indie projects by checking out the rest of our news section!

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