Rumbleverse announces Duos and Playground modes

Epic Games’ upcoming Battle Royale brawler Rumbleverse just revealed that a competitive “Duos” mode and a “Playground” free roam experience. The news comes just ahead of launch, scheduled for August 11th, 2022 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Here’s the announcement from PlayStation’s Twitter feed, with a generic promo image that doesn’t exactly show off teamwork:

Both of these upcoming modes will have a serious impact on gameplay. Firstly, the Duos mode will make it possible to develop more strategies by creating various comps.

Where solo BR modes generally focus on skill, teamwork can create more devious and unpredictable scenarios, which are the biggest draw of the Battle Royale genre. It also requires teams to carefully share loot, and coordinate their movement.

Duos mode will lower your stat slots and Max Health, and you won’t have the Superstar Comeback. When teammates are eliminated, slots and health will be awarded to the remaining player.

When teammates are downed, you’ll have 30 seconds to “cheer them back up” (revive them). The revive time will decrease after every knock. Cheering up teammates during Superstar Mode will revive them twice as quickly.

Teammates can knock each other down, but it won’t cause any damage. The devs have encouraged players to string combo attacks together by tossing enemies into the air.

Meanwhile, Playground mode is the perfect way to practice, and very inviting for newcomers. It can be very difficult to learn mechanics and build habits in the BR genre. The Playground will help players improve at their own pace.

For those who are a little more competitive, the Playground is an ample opportunity to study the map for every nook and develop surprising strategies. Players can join the Playground server alone or with one friend, though you won’t spawn together as a team. You can also toggle off Combat Mode, so that you can’t get trolled the entire time.

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