Rumbleverse reveals cosmetics and their mechanics ahead of launch

Rumbleverse, another upcoming addition to the Battle Royale genre, has just teased some new outfits and how the cosmetics system will function in-game. Launch day is scheduled for August 11th, 2022.

Here’s the official announcement from Rumbleverse’s feed, which promises more images, but instead focuses on selling “gear packs” and explaining the cosmetics’ mechanics:

Cosmetics are often a controversial element of modern games, as the core fuel of most free-to-play titles. Many times, the cost can get out of hand, as in Apex Legends. Hopefully, Rumbleverse will settle closer to Fall Guys‘ strategy of non-stop content at a reasonable price.

It turns out that players will have more opportunities to customize their character than most FTP peers, which rely on crossover IP, such as Fortnite’s recent John Cena set. That’s because the outfits and gear can all be mixed and matched.

Fortunately, fans will be able to unlock both “gear and accessories” through gameplay, simply by ranking up. However, there will also be two gear packs available, which includes outfits from December and some in-game currency referred to as “Brawlla Bills”. No total is stated, nor is the value of this currency compared to cosmetic prices.

Another crucial reveal is that Rumbleverse’s cosmetics won’t affect gameplay, preventing a pay-to-win system. It remains to be seen if cosmetics can alter your hitbox, but this seems unlikely, and that’s generally more important in shooters.

Different body types will move equally, and there are no perks. Instead, upgrades are earned by smashing crates in-game. All of these mechanics should help balance out the frustration with microtransactions. As expected, players can find a Battle Pass on August 18th that will surely bring premium cosmetics.

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