Rumbleverse Season 2 trailer teases new location, cosmetics and modes

Rumbleverse has dropped an official new trailer for next season, showing off a variety of upcoming content ahead of the big update on November 15th, 2022. Highlights include the new location in Low Key Key, additional weapons and moves, and limited time modes. You can review the full trailer here:

Rumbleverse got off to a very rocky start for its inaugural season. It was unplayable at launch, due to server issues that were surprisingly severe and widespread. And the gameplay continues to feel a little unbalanced, largely due to matchmaking and smaller technical problems.

However, Rumbleverse has smartly leaned into a more casual and humorous approach from inception, so the game has gradually won over fans. The upcoming content in today’s trailer looks fairly promising, with a new location that has its own personality.

The location then guided the LTM, which seems like plenty of fun, even if neither really fits the holiday season. Battle Royale gameplay can become very redundant, so adding different ways to enjoy the game are crucial, especially when it comes to map changes.

The new weapons and moves should also help shake up the game, which it certainly needs by now. The trailer reveals how some of the upcoming additions will work in-game, and a few of them do seem like they could both affect and improve the meta.

The cosmetics have always been playful and enjoyable in Rumbleverse, and who doesn’t love a nod to Bruce Lee. But it’s a little surprising that the game still isn’t aiming for a theme for season two. Instead, it’s continuing to stick with the kind of variety seen in the wrestling world. As long as they’re amusing and colorful, there should be something for everyone though.

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