Rust Halloween 2022 Event: Candy Hunts, Halloween-themed items, and Pet Monsters

Halloween has come to Rust in a spooky 2022 event running until November 3. Players can experience candy hunts, unique portals, new Halloween items, and more during this event, adding excitement and fun to Rust this spooky season. 

The Halloween Event details were revealed in an official post, and we’ve included the details below. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

Rust Halloween 2022 Event

Candy Hunt

Players can experience a candy hunt roughly every two in-game days during this event. Players will have 3 minutes to collect as many candies as possible. The top three players will be given special loot bags as a reward, and these candies and loot bags can be opened for various other loot. This includes items ranging from scraps to M249s.

If you can’t make the list, you can upgrade your candies for better loot. There will also be several items available to help you during the candy hunt, such as a Pumpkin Bucket, which will allow for instant candy pickup, and the Scarecrow Wrap and Ghost Costumes, which will give you an advantage via Candy Vision.


Portals are a Halloween addition to Rust with a mysterious story behind them. Little is known about them, what they do, or whether they’re the results of Cultists or an experiment gone wrong. However, we know that inside the portals is dangerous, and you may not come back alive.

If you’re a server owner, you can adjust the number of portals using the halloweendungeon.population convar.

Halloween Items: New and Returning

New Halloween Items

Three new Halloween-themed items have arrived in Rust.

  • Hockey Facemask: Hide your deformities behind this creepy hockey mask, which is a reskin of the Metal Facemask.
  • Cultist Deer Torch: The Cultists potentially dropped this while opening portals, and it is a reskin of the starter torch. Once the deer torch skin has been crafted or selected, you’ll then respawn with the skin.
  • Baseball Bat: A baseball bat is an essential zombie-whacking tool for Halloween and is a reskin of the mace melee weapon. 

All three items are now available in the Rust item store, with prices ranging from USD 2.99 to USD 7.99.

Returning Halloween Items

Several previous Halloween items and skins have returned to the Rust store and are available for purchase. Some of these items include:

  • Skull rock: a human skull you can use to smash things. (USD 3.99)
  • Carvable pumpkin: A pumpkin you can carve any design into and light it up at night. (USD 5.99)
  • Mummy underwear: A set of old mummy wraps that have been repurposed as underwear. (USD 5.99)
  • Large Candle Set: A spooky way to light your base. (USD 3.99)
  • Cursed Cauldron: A spooky iron cauldron with green goo that can replace your Campfire. (USD 4.99)

Create your own Frankenstein

Players must kill the scarecrows and mummies roaming the land to create their Frankenstein. Once you have collected the necessary ingredients (a head, torso, and legs), you can start crafting a Frankenstein table. Then, you must place the body parts within the table, awaken your monster, and control it by pressing “P.”

Your monster will then follow your orders without hesitation. It will follow you around the lands, defend you, or help you kill your enemies.

If you have another key bound to “P” or are having trouble accessing the pet menu, you can use the command: bind X +pets or open the in-game controls menu.

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