Samurai Maiden, a Japanese RPG, is launching in Winter 2022

Samurai Maiden is an upcoming Japanese RPG about a young girl who finds herself transported back in time. From SHADE Inc. and D3PUBLISHER, Samurai Maiden is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in Winter 2022.

The official trailer for Samurai Maiden showcases the characters, enemies, storyline, and combat found within the game.

Samurai Maiden follows the story of Tsumugi Tamaori. She is a girl from the 21st century with incredible swordsmanship skills. She, however, finds that she has been transported to Honnō-Ji during the Sengoku period.

At a temple, she meets three ninjas known as The Gokage. The Gokage consists of Iyo, a tool-using ninja, Hagane, a ninja with a mechanical body, and Komimi, a genius and a unique Jutsu user.

Alongside her new ninja friends, she begins her journey through the Underworld beneath Honnō-Ji. But she soon finds herself confronting angry corpses and mobs around every corner.

This ordinary 21st-century girl turned samurai must use her sharp skills to help the ninjas wipe out these enemies with their fierce ninjutsu. Her powerful all-female team is almost unbeatable as they go through the Underworld, battling the many creatures beneath Honnō-Ji.

Even though your enemies may seem easy to defeat, there might come a time when you’re backed into a corner or on the verge of being defeated. When this happens, activate the Devoted Heart technique. This technique involves a samurai and ninja locking lips to enhance their abilities. 

Devoted Heart will be a valuable technique to help you and your team kill the Demon Lord of the Sengoku period and help strengthen your bonds with your new friends. 

The main characters in Samurai Maiden were designed by Miwano Rag designed. Miwano is a Japanese Illustrator known for her beautiful illustrations and artwork. Some of her most notable illustration works for Light Novels include Royal Wizard and the Princess, or What You Will and I Hold Your Voice Alone, Under The Starry Sky.

Journey through the Underworld and defeat your enemies in Samurai Maiden, launching on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Winter 2022. The official release date and cost have yet to be revealed. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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