Scorn moves up October release date with new trailer

Scorn, the upcoming first-person horror game inspired by H.R. Giger, has just released a new teaser that announces a brand-new launch date for October 14th, 2022. The game was initially scheduled to release a week later. It will be available on next-gen Xbox consoles and PC, including Steam, Epic and GOG.

You can watch the new release date trailer on YouTube here:

H.R. Giger is arguably best known for the art design of Alien. Those biomechanical, sexual and disturbing influences have been alluded to in pretty intriguing ways, in all of the gameplay and atmosphere that Scorn has revealed thus far.

The new teaser is more of the same, but it doesn’t reveal anything new, as a character simply wakes up. Although, moving up the release date actually fits the mysterious and unexpected mood that Scorn promises.

It’s also a surprising sign of good faith that everything for the game is in good order. Most titles, across all genres, have discovered that they need more time for polishing at the end of this year. Even larger titles, such as the Valkyrie Elysium franchise, are having trouble with delays.

The fact that Scorn will be available on the Xbox Game Pass at launch will definitely boost popularity, as horror fans are already curious about its grotesque and moody trailers. Also, it has carefully selected an appropriate season of release, when players are actively hunting for new horror to try out.

According to the Steam product page, where players can pre-purchase for a discount, the game is an open-ended world adventure with limited resources, unique puzzles and themes. Its gritty imagery definitely won’t be for everyone, but there’s still a big audience for the genre.

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