Sea of Thieves update introduces changes in Faction Progression and some fixes

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As Season Eight continues, the Sea of Thieves development team has been working on the next time-limited Adventure and more changes based on community feedback. Update for Sea of Thieves was released today, offering more content, tweaks, and enhancements to the game. In addition, the tenth time-limited Adventure is included with the most recent patch.

In the new time-limited Adventure in Sea of Thieves, Tasha discovers a long-forgotten gift from Captain Briggsy while decorating her tavern for the Festival of Giving. She embarks on a journey to follow the map but returns with much more than she anticipated. Now, she and Madame Olivia are seeking the assistance of courageous pirates. Using Briggsy’s wisdom as a guide, they will have to go into The Wilds to unravel cryptic clues and retrieve the treasures Briggsy hid all those years ago. The keepsakes must subsequently be returned to Madame Olivia in the Plunder Outpost, where they will serve a more esoteric function. The newest time-limited Adventure for Sea of Thieves runs from December 9 to December 22.

Sea of Thieves also implemented some balancing on Faction Progression based on player feedback and internal review. This patch increases the amount of Allegiance necessary to go through level 100 with the Guardians of Fortune and Servants of the Flame. With the level 1000 rewards, Sea of Thieves intended to create a long-term reward for talented players, and recent updates will help raise the difficulty and make the achievement genuinely worthy of players’ achievements in the Battle for the Sea of Thieves.

Meanwhile, here are some issues in Sea of Thieves that have been resolved in the latest patch, as published on the Sea of Thieves website:

Fixed Issues

The Battle for the Sea of Thieves

  • Players traveling beneath the waves should no longer be able to receive damage from their crewmates.
  • Players who arrive on the Ferry of the Damned while their ship is diving into the deep will now be returned to their ship safely, and no longer return to the world as a ghost with unintended consequences.
  • Crews defeated in battle will now consistently be moved to the sinking wreck sequence before being taken to a new server, even when crewmates are present on the Ferry of the Damned.
  • Crews defeated in battle and immediately leaving the game will no longer cause the winning crew to become stuck in battle and unable to continue their Streak.

Tall Tales

  • Crews sailing through the Tunnels of the Damned as part of the Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life Tall Tales will now be able to fire their cannons as normal upon arriving at their location.

Performance and Stability

  • Client stability has been improved, reducing scenarios where players experience a game crash.

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