Sea of Thieves release Tricksters and Treaters Event

Sea of Thieves new Tricksters and Treaters event will begin on October 28 and run through November 1 at 10 AM (UTC).

Sea of Thieves is gearing up for another spooky Halloween event as they bring Tricksters and Treaters. For this year, the pilfering trickster Jack O’ Looter roams the seas in spirits and will toss a coin for anyone ready to undertake the quest. Moreover, Sea of Thieves will allow players to pick a side, either Tricksters or Treaters, for this new Halloween event.

To triumph in this brand-new Sea of Thieves event, each side must first accomplish its individual objectives. Players may contribute to the Treaters’ Community Goal by either burying treasure themselves, placing treasure maps on the Quest Board, or finding items that have been hidden by other players. To contribute to the Tricksters’ Community Goal, players must bury Gunpowder Barrels, steal Map Bundles from other crews, or hit ships with purple Cursed Cannonballs! 

Both sides have the same objective of achieving their respective shares of the overall Community Goal. If one side has reached the goal, the player will earn a themed cosmetic reward. As a challenge, if the player’s first contribution is to the side that hits its Community Goal first, the player will receive an exclusive title. The Tricksters or Treaters event is found on the Special Events menu tab

Another event by the capricious Jack O’ Looter will run along the Tricksters or Treaters event. For those players who want to join this event, follow these instructions:

  1. Link your Account – Sign up for the Social Swag program by linking the Twitter account 
  2. Send Tweet and Share Result – Tweet “Trick or Treat” at @SeaOfThieves or use the handy share card. It will take 10 minutes for Jack O’ Looter to decide whether the user is tricked or treated. 

If the social trick/treat or in-game reward for the Tricksters or Treaters event doesn’t appear in the account after 72 hours, raise a request at the Sea of Thieves support site. 

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