Sea Piece Update 4 Log and Patch Notes

Roblox Sea Piece is an action RPG developed by Mvngo DEV for the platform. In this game, you will be creating a character and attempting to level them up in the world of the popular anime and manga, One Piece. The newest update for the game has been released and brings a variety of new content, changes, and bug fixes!

Here’s a look at all of the changes that have been made to the game, which were posted on the official Sea Piece Discord. You can also get some free stuff by heading to our Sea Piece Codes page.


Steal the Gura Gura No Mi power from Whitebeard with Yami!
Yami Yami No Mi or Yami x Gura -> AND <- Blackbeards Cape needed to steal Gura.

  • New Accessories –
  • Blackbeards Cape (1% Drop from Blackbeard)
  • New island –


  • New Obtainable fruits –

Yami x Gura

  • 1% chance to steal gura when having yami
    Shiny Yami x Gura
  • .5% chance to steal gura and obtain shiny yami x gura when having yami or yami x gura

New Title: Marauder
New title: Vengeance

Gain the abililty to increase the stat cap on one stat of choice!
Cipher the Poneglyphs around the map with the “Poneglyph Cipher” Dropped by Blackbeard (5%)

Increases stat cap on one stat from 2,000 -> 2,500

  • Changes –
  • ✨ fixed abilities going behind you/random directions on use ✨
  • Warlord Title new requirements -> 100Mil
  • Yonko Title added 500mil; bounty required
  • Most accessory health increased
  • Shiny Fruits now go into fruit bag when obtained via drop
  • Increased base geppo height
  • Geppo no longer removes momentum
  • Balancing –
  • Lunarian
    • Lunarian Fire damage buffed: 20% -> 300%
    • Lunarian Geppo height increased
  • Mink
    • Mink gets 25% extra damage on lightning attacks in Sulong (stacks with 20% extra lightning damage bonus)
  • Goro
    • Goro Raigo nerfed: 300 dmg -> 275 dmg
    • Shiny Goro Raigo nerfed: 350 dmg -> 325 dmg
  • Gura
    • Gura Punch buffed: 75 dmg per ring -> 100 dmg per ring
    • Shiny Gura Punch buffed: 100 dmg per ring -> 125
  • Mochi
    • Mochi Ult buffed: 90 dmg -> 400
    • Mochi punch buffed:
      • 50 dmg -> 100 dmg
      • 50 range -> 100 range
    • Buffed Mochi rain: 25 range -> 50 range
  • Shiny Mera
    • Firefly buffed: 25 dmg -> 50 dmg
    • Flame Pillar buffed: 55 dmg -> 150 dmg
    • Hiekn buffed: 50 dmg -> 75 dmg

That’s everything you need to know about the update for the game. You can find more details on the Sea Piece Trello or in the Sea Piece section of our website.

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