Sheva Alomar and Carlos Oliveira are coming to Dead By Daylight as Legendary cosmetics

Image: Capcom

Dead by Daylight has been receiving a lot of attention lately with its announcement of the Project W update, which is set to expand its roster of heroes and killers from popular horror with a new batch of Resident Evil characters, including Albert Wesker. As exciting as the upcoming characters are, we now know thanks to a leak that we will be receiving even more Resident Evil favorites via the game’s cosmetic system.

According to @LeaksDbd, who is an expert on combing the game’s files and has been right on the money with all of their Project W related leaks, we will be receiving two more Resident Evil Characters — Sheva Alomar and Carlos Oliveira — in the game as legendary cosmetics.

For those who don’t know, Legendary Cosmetics serve as reskins for certain survivors that turn them into completely different characters, going so far as to change the character’s model and animations completely to suit their replacement. This concept was introduced in the first Resident Evil chapter, which saw Leon S Kennedy and Jill Valentine gaining the optional reskins for Chris and Claire Redfield. This feature allows Dead By Daylight’s roster to grow with even more beloved characters, without having to invest the resources into creating full-fledged additional survivors.

These Legendary Cosmetics will be available in the Dead By Daylight in-game store, purchasable for Auric Cells, the game’s in-game currency. They will feature different models and animations from the characters they replace, and with the Project W update will have their own voiceovers.

What do you think of Dead By Daylight’s legendary cosmetic system? Let us know in the comments below. If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out our other Dead by Daylight leaks and guides.

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