Ship of Fools shows off new gameplay in Release Date Trailer

Ship of Fools, the indie cooperative roguelike, will officially release on November 22nd, 2022 according to the latest trailer. It’ll be available on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox Series X or S.

You can watch the full trailer on the publisher’s official YouTube channel here:

Ship of Fools was developed by Fika Productions from Quebec, who don’t have a long history in the industry. However, it’s also being championed by publishers Team17, who are best known for their Overcooked and Worms series.

Team17 also recently announced a release date for Hokko Life too, a construction and farming sim that’s similar to Animal Crossing. There’ll be more information about the game’s new Summertime Ball Event tomorrow.

The new footage for Ship of Fools continues to show off its enjoyable sense of humor, starting off with one of the main characters riding a seagull. There’s also a wider look at the world map of “The High Seas” players will be exploring, and some of the in-game resources. These include trinkets and artifacts, to indulge the treasure hunting angle that most seafaring games need.

Lastly, the trailer shows how players will need to tend their ship carefully, and repair damage quickly, calling Far: Changing Tides to mind. But the trailer hints that if the ship sinks, everyone aboard will too. That suggests a permadeath function, which hasn’t been mentioned on any of the descriptions so far.

The trailer also reinforces how well this game is designed for co-op gameplay. According to the Steam product page, teammates can “combine item effects in powerful combos”. This’ll be necessary for one of the many sea monsters that’s been promised in the trailer.

Players assume the role of “Fools” that are willing to journey into the stormy sea, after The Great Lighthouse that protected your home has broken.

You can read more about Team17 and other upcoming indies by checking out our news section!

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