Ship of Fools trailer reveals new character Lotte

Ship of Fools, an upcoming roguelite sea adventure, has finally revealed the new fool “Lotte”, the character with coral hair and a scarf heirloom. Team17’s co-op indie will be available on November 22nd, 2022, for PC, next gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and the Nintendo Switch.

You can watch the full trailer for Lotte on Team17’s YouTube channel here:

Team17 has developed and published some genuinely compelling games, including massive hits like the Overcooked series. Ship of Fools has a spark of creativity and humor that’s equally promising, but the new teaser simply doesn’t reveal enough.

So far, the gameplay trailers for Ship of Fools have successfully indicated the tone and charm players should expect. But today’s trailer is mostly a rehash of previously unveiled gameplay, which is definitely disappointing.

The new “Lotte” character has a lot of personality, with a very cute design. The coral hair was a great touch, and the heirloom is interesting. It really feels like Lotte deserved better than a few seconds of screen time.

Ideally, the trailer could have revealed how her abilities work and why, in order to sell players on the prospect of using her. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have been successful that way, as in the new Wiglett reveal.

In fact, Lotte has a very neat ability. The cannons that Lotte reloads will slowly regenerate ammo over time, thanks to Lotte’s scarf heirloom. Unfortunately, none of this would be clear from the trailer. You’d have to follow Team17’s Twitter feed or the Steam product page to find that info.

Still, Team17 has built a lot of trust over the years. Hopefully, future marketing won’t feel so hollow, especially for a game that so many are already on board with.

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