Shovel Knight Dig gets official release date with new trailer

Shovel Knight Dig, the latest entry in the classic series of side-scrolling dungeon crawlers, has officially revealed that it’s scheduled to launch on September 23rd, 2022. It will be available on mobile via Apple Arcade, PC via Steam, and the Nintendo Switch.

You can watch the newest trailer on publisher Yacht Club Games’ official YouTube channel, but brace yourself, because it has just as much quirky humor and strangeness as the series:

This trailer is certainly odd, to say the least. And while it should please fans, it may not land with everyone. But it’s absolutely in line with the personality of the long-running series, which continues to surprise and succeed.

In Shovel Knight Dig, the evil Drill Knight attacks and robs Shovel Knight, who must tunnel after them. Also, it boasts the retro theme, which is an easy win for indie games because the art design appeals to both modern gamers and longtime fans alike.

Shovel Knight Dig was developed by Nitrome, who are probably best known for their plethora of web games and mobile games, most of which are hit or miss. But a lot of fans are happily surprised to hear that Nitrome is making any kind of comeback, in a nostalgic way.

The new gameplay in the trailer looks just as entertaining and creative as previous installments in the series, although it’s hard to gauge if fans should actually expect anything innovative. At the very least, it will deliver what fans expect, and that should be more than enough for most. The games have always been swift, fun love letters to the 8-bit classics that inspired it.

Releasing on Switch is a smart and welcome move, since it allows both console gameplay and the traditional mobile experience that’s expected from Nitrome.

You can read more about Shovel Knight Dig and other upcoming indie games by checking out our news section!

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