Skate’s developers confirms microtransaction feature in EA’s The Board Room presentation

Recently, EA’s The Board Room presentation for the new Skate title went live to shed some light on the features that players may look forward to in its release. In The Board Room, the leading developers of Skate highlighted how the franchise has evolved and clarified important details on Skate’s microtransaction system.

The new addition to the Skate franchise was first reported to be in development during the June 2020 EA Play event. EA’s Full Circle studio, headed by Daniel McCulloch, was assigned to lead the development of the new Skate title. Original Skate series creators, Deran Chung and Cuz Parry, also work alongside the Full Circle studio during the game’s production. Hear more about the new Skate title from the Full Circle team in The Board Room, courtesy of Skate’s official Youtube Channel:

To keep fans updated while Skate is still under development, EA’s The Board Room presentation went live and covered some of the features coming into the title. During the presentation, Skate’s microtransaction system seems to be covered for the most part since it appears to be a sensitive subject for certain fans.

Skate developers confirmed that the game will be free-to-play, but will also have microtransactions to keep it supported for many years. However, in order to maintain the game’s authenticity while including a microtransaction system, the development team made it a point to strictly adhere to certain ground rules. The following are the guidelines that the creators of The Skate committed to while integrating the microtransaction system:

  • Not Pay-to-win
  • No map areas locked behind paywall
  • No paid loot boxes
  • No paid gameplay advantages

Skate developers added that they had considered microtransaction models from other games and weighed them down to keep the versions they prefer. Specifically, the team is taking inspiration from Apex Legends and other popular free-to-play video games in which paying money is entirely optional and mostly for cosmetics and convenience.

The Full Circle team is still collecting as much feedback as possible from the Skate playtest. As such, the new Skate title will not be released until it is completely ready. Nonetheless, with the details and teasers previously released, it is anticipated that the upcoming Skate title will provide both ambitious and exciting skateboarding videogame experience.

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