Smite releases cinematic trailer for new Goddess Ishtar

Smite continues to offer up fresh content in their latest trailer for a new God. The upcoming addition is Ishtar, and fans finally got a first impression of her designs, voice acting, and potential abilities in today’s cinematic.

You can watch the full trailer for Ishtar on Smite’s official YouTube channel here:

Smite never fails to impress. The free-to-play game launched back in 2014, and still finds ways to surprise or improve. There have been a variety of crossover events too, such as last month’s announcement that some new Nickelodeon characters would be joining the game.

Some of the IP crossovers have worked, and some haven’t been quite so popular. But at least the game is still pushing new and unexpected content.

This time, fans will have the chance to play as Ishtar, the Mesopotamian Goddess of Love and War. She’s one of the oldest and most powerful gods in human history. She may not have the most accurate depiction, but the art design is great and fits the game. Also, the voice acting is solid, which isn’t always a guarantee.

It looks like Ishtar will have a variety of ranged abilities, given the bow and arrow and floating swords depicted in the trailer. So, she’s most likely going to be a Hunter. Unfortunately, fans are still waiting on some gameplay footage to get a more concrete idea of Ishtar’s role.

Smite did announce an update show, just an hour before revealing Ishtar’s cinematic. The show is scheduled for this Wednesday at 3 PM eastern time. So, fans can expect more answers about the 9.8 patch and Ishtar on August 17th:

Smite is a surprisingly successful MOBA title because of its unique approach to fantasy and combat, as well as its third-person design. This makes it more accessible to newcomers, who may be unused to ISO classics like League of Legends or even Pokémon Unite.

You can read more about Smite’s latest updates and leaks by checking out the rest of our news section!

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