Soedesco has just acquired Spain-based dev studio Superlumen

Soedesco has officially announced their acquisition of Superlumen, a small dev studio from Murcia, Spain that focuses on horror and virtual reality games. This marks the further expansion of Soedesco’s interest in survival and horror that began to ramp up in 2019 with Remothered: Tormented Fathers and Dollhouse.

Here’s the big announcement from Soedesco’s feed, as they continue to champion small teams and titles that have enormous potential and praise:

Soedesco has published a variety of successful indie games, and recently announced a release date for Airoheart, the 16-bit homage to SNES classics. Petit Island also made the marketing rounds back in June, releasing a brief first-look teaser for the open-world photography game:

Superlumen’s biggest ongoing project is Desolatium, which won the “Most Innovative Game Award of 2018”. The game is a first-person point and click mystery. Superlumen has listed several notable influences for the title, including H.P. Lovecraft, Se7en, Clive Barker, True Detective and the classic Dead Space franchise.

The goal was to create tension, instead of just a few jump scares. The detective angle makes sense because players will have to solve puzzles by combining objects, explore strange locations and uncover clues. Although a demo is currently available for Desolatium, the full game is expected to launch sometimes in Q4 2022, which is October 1st through December 31st.

Overall, Soedesco and Superlumen should prove to be a fruitful partnership, and it’ll be fascinating to see if Superlumen’s interest in the virtual reality space will influence Soedesco to publish titles in that genre. It’s a very different area, which can be more expensive than traditional gaming for both creators and fans.

Either way, Soedesco continues to make smart business decisions, while also helping out smaller titles and teams that deserve a big shot. You can read more about the latest indie games and other horror titles like Desolatium by checking out our news section!

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