Somerville reveals November release date in latest trailer

Somerville, an indie sci-fi adventure years in the making, has finally revealed that it’s scheduled to launch on November 15th, 2022. Today’s new release date trailer concludes with the supported platforms, including Steam, the Epic Store and Xbox One.

Further, the game is also officially coming to Game Pass, which thrilled Xbox fans. You can watch the new trailer on developer and publisher Jumpship’s YouTube channel here:

This game may be a debut from Jumpship, but the art design of Somerville looks absolutely brilliant. There’s an auteur’s style here, reminiscent of both Inside and Limbo, which makes perfect sense. Jumpship was “built in collaboration” with Dino Patti, who previously co-founded Playdead, the studio behind both of those indie gems. One could speculate the Jumpship name sounds a bit deliberate, in that regard.

Somerville’s mood is somber, mysterious, exciting and emotional. This is partly due to the superb music in today’s trailer and past marketing. Somerville feels immersive with a touch of surreal adventuring, and definitely captures the particular sense of wonder that can be unique to sci-fi storytelling.

However, it’d be hard to gather all of that just from today’s trailer. It was a neat idea to include footage inside the title of the game, but this sparks more curiosity instead of marketing the game outright.

Instead, you’ll have to refer to the past teasers, which have been rolled out over the last five years. It has been an absolute trek, waiting for this game, making today’s concrete launch date much sweeter. The most recent trailer was released nearly a year ago, but offers a better idea of the actual gameplay:

Since this game will be available on Game Pass, it will have a head start at launch as a must-play title for subscribers. Jumpship has enormous potential to start off with a very effective, memorable game.

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