Sonic Frontiers gets a new gameplay teaser

Sonic Frontiers is the next highly anticipated addition to the hedgehog’s longtime franchise, and fans were just treated to a brief montage of gameplay highlights.

Here’s the full video from Sonic the Hedgehog’s official YouTube Channel:

While there’s still no confirmed release date, Sonic’s next installment is due sometime this year. The teaser isn’t just for the game, but also for IGN First, a playlist of exclusive previews on IGN’s YouTube channel.

So, fans can expect a lot more information from IGN in June 2022. The description of the teaser promises that IGN will deliver world-exclusive gameplay, hands-on impressions, and interviews with Sonic Frontiers‘ devs and creators.

Teaser breakdown and hints

Most fans already know that Sonic Frontiers is the first open-world game in the series, as players will explore a variety of unique biomes in Starfall Islands.

But the new teaser offers a fresh look at some incredible landscapes and mechanics, including a wheel device that seems to establish some kind of save and/or fast-travel spot.

Longtime fans should feel relieved that certain map traversal elements, like grinding rails for rings, still worked their way into the open-world designs.

The teaser also gave fans a look at some of the enemies and their designs, which feel boldly fresh and otherworldly without losing a classic mechanical tone. Sonic battles the enemies with very familiar attacks, including what appears to be some boss battles.

The music throughout the footage is majestic and graceful, matching the beautiful artwork that was just revealed for Starfall Islands. It’s very different from the frenetic, action-packed soundtracks of previous games, and suggests this one may be a little more interested in RPG elements and exploration.

That may sound divisive for purists, but Pokémon Legends: Arceus found a way to integrate an open-world without losing fundamental mechanics.

The teaser closes with a strange glyph, promising more mystery in this game and a very different approach to storytelling. You can read more about Sonic the Hedgehog in our news section!

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