Sonic Frontiers reveals content roadmap for 2023

Sonic Frontiers, the new open-world sequel in the hit platformer franchise, has just announced a juicy roadmap for all the content players can expect throughout 2023. The highlight was undoubtedly the new playable characters, which thrilled fans and quickly trended online. This included the possibility of Tails, Knuckles and Amy being playable in a new storyline:

The first update is fairly light, with a simple Juke Box and Photo Mode joining the game. But there will be new Challenge modes, which has been a staple of the series and will probably involve more than a few ticking clocks. It’ll be a solid way to add some structure to Sonic’s new open world.

Sonic’s birthday kicks off the second update, heavily implying that fans can expect it to roll out on June 23rd, which is his canon birthday thanks to the launch of the original game. While it may not necessarily coincide, it seems likely that Sonic Frontiers will need some breathing room after the first big update.

It seems that certain stats may also gain an upgrade or two, since there will be new Koco to discover and activate, which will help boost the replay value. There are also opportunities to introduce something entirely new, given the flexibility of the Koco mythology.

Naturally, the most promising and stunning announcement was the addition of playable characters. Sonic’s franchise has a considerably large gallery of heroes, and if standard characters like Tails will be added next year, then Sonic Frontiers could conceivably add pretty much anyone that fits the plot later on. It’ll be very intriguing to see how Tails, Knuckles and Amy each fit into the new story.

The official Sonic feed added that Sonic’s Holiday Cheer Suit will be joining Sonic Frontiers as a free cosmetic on December 21st:

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