Sonic Prime teaser trailer announces Winter release date

Sonic Prime, the upcoming animated Sonic the Hedgehog show, has finally updated fans with a new trailer and Winter 2022 release window. The show will be a Netflix exclusive. You can watch the full teaser trailer on Sonic the Hedgehog’s YouTube channel here:

The teaser has some decent, booming music and a lot of familiar faces. The new footage has rightfully earned almost unanimous praise for its animation, which looks dazzling and very polished. The textures have struck a fine balance between realism and fantasy, successfully translating Sonic’s gaming world without sacrificing their colorful and vibrant designs.

There are mainly battle sequences in today’s trailer, which includes a visually striking sense of speed and smooth movement. These instances probably explain the odd frame of a stretched hand that got some criticism. It was likely a deliberate choice.

Unfortunately, there still isn’t a clear picture of the story, but the new teaser does give a few hints about Robotnik and Shadow. Hopefully, they’re simply avoiding too many spoilers, as many trailers suffer from. Sonic has built up a lot of intriguing lore over the years, and if rumors of a multiverse are to be believed, ideally the show will have an equal share of plot and action.

It’s a welcome surprise that Sonic is looking at a renaissance, with a totally fresh direction in Sonic Frontiers and the ongoing Hollywood blockbuster films. Sonic Frontiers has drawn some skepticism because of its combat and open world. But it’s only been picking up steam for the majority of fans, especially after a new trailer revealed the classic, golden Super Sonic.

For now, fans will still have to wait for some Tails footage, but Sonic Prime is off to a good head start. While the teaser is speedy, Sonic wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can read more about Sonic Prime, Sonic Frontiers and the rest of the blue blur’s franchise by checking out our news section!

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