Soul Hackers 2 reveals combat mechanics in new Gameplay Overview

Soul Hackers 2, the fifth and latest installment in the classic Devil Summoner series, has just released a new trailer that explains how the battle mechanics will work. This includes some new gameplay footage for the title, which is going to launch next week on August 26th for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

You can watch the full promo on publisher Atlus’ official YouTube channel here:

The original Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers released as far back as 1997, for the Sega Saturn. So, it’s smart to keep reminding newcomers about the setting and style of the series.

The new trailer explains that Soul Hackers 2 is a supernatural RPG set in futuristic Japan, where players must save the world from an apocalypse. Soul Hackers 2 will continue to use turn-based combat, as seen in the new footage.

The trailer elaborates on combat for Devil Summoners, who literally form contracts with demons to use their abilities in battle. These demons will gradually level up and learn new abilities for you, and once they’re maxed out, they can offer up stat boosts.

Players must smartly use the enemy’s weaknesses in combat to build “stacks”, which help you deliver a massive blow at the end of your turn called a “Sabbath”.

There will also be Commander Skills that won’t use up a turn, and passive Commander Skills that don’t need to be triggered. These are very powerful, so they’ll have to be unlocked by acquiring special materials.

Attributes and affinities can also be customized, and the trailer promises that the devs will go into further detail on that another time. Pre-orders for Soul Hackers 2 are available now. The last Devil Summoner game released in 2008, so hopefully the game will live up to expectations from longtime fans.

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