Splatoon 3 reveals new stages, weapons and more in Nintendo Direct Showcase

Splatoon 3 fans have been extraordinarily patient, but news has finally picked up as Nintendo dedicated nearly half an hour of footage and details for the upcoming 3rd-person shooter.

You can watch the full Nintendo Direct showcase on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel here:


The punctual showcase begins as a mock Squid Research Lab report, including some imagery of the growing Splatsville, “in the heart of the Splatlands”.

First off was a showcase for Turf War, where two teams of 4 will ink for 3 minutes, trying to claim the most area. There’s a big focus on “swim form”, using ink to climb walls with the Squid Surge. Players can also hide in the ink, and use a Squid Roll to smoothly ambush opponents or repel ink.

The confirmed stages are: Scorch Gorge, Eeltail Alley, Mincemeat Metalworks, Undertow Spillway, the Hagglefish Market pier, Museum D’Alfonsino, the Hammerhead Bridge that connects the Splatlands to Greater Inkopolis, Mahi-Mahi Resort, Inkblot Art Academy, Sturgeon Shipyard, Makomart, and Wahoo World.

This adds up to twelve total stages. The trailer promises that free post-launch updates will continue to add more fresh stages to compete in.

All previous weapons and Special Weapons will be available, in addition to the introduction of some new ones. These include “Stringers”, which function like a bow and arrow, and “Splatanas”, which can throw ink by swinging or create a charged slash.

The first new Special Weapon is the Tacticooler, which creates a fridge with 4 beverages that offer various kinds of effects. The Wave Breaker marks opponents and causes damage with waves on the ground. They can be dodged by jumping. The Reefslider is a muzzled shark that players can use to ride across the map and explode nearby enemies.

New mechanics breakdown

The trailer focuses on the Splatlands next, showing off a Shop and its mechanics, and fashion customization that can change your stats during battle. So, players will also be able to create loadouts.

Next up is the lobby, where players can battle in a variety of modes like ranked, tower control, fight for active zones, carry a Rainmaker to its destination, or collect clams and throw them into a goal in Clam Blitz. You can play with friends online and in private lobbies.

A Test Range will help players practice, Ghosts will allow you to join friends mid-battle, and Battle Replays will help you review and fix mistakes or celebrate huge victories! The Locker Room can be customized with your acquired items, stickers, and different colors.

In Table Turf Battle mode, fans can play a 1v1 competitive card game that can be accessed at a Dojo in Splatsville. Then there’s Salmon Run, where four players work together to collect eggs from attacking Salmonids.

The showcase closed out by promising post-launch updates, including a new catalog every three months, new weapons, X Battle, League Battle, and Large-Scale Paid DLC.

This was a tremendous amount of information, and Splatoon 3 is shaping up to be the most elaborate and satisfying installment yet, with massive quality of life changes and thrilling new content.

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