Splatoon 3 trailer teases upcoming “Chill Season” for December

Splatoon 3 has just released a brand-new trailer for next season, naming it Chill Season and announcing the launch date for December 1st, 2022. While smaller details have not been revealed, the trailer does tease that Big Run and X Battles will roll out for next season. There will also be new weapons and stages. You can watch today’s new trailer on Nintendo’s YouTube channel here:

X Battles will definitely become a crucial part of Splatoon 3, as they are essentially Ranked battles. This will help group together similarly skilled players, and like any game, that’ll improve the gameplay.

Ranked modes help separate sweaty pros from casual gamers and/or younger audiences, who may not be interested in taking such a competitive approach to Splatoon. This kind of game lends itself to more casual gameplay anyway, with its enjoyable silliness.

But X Battles will also allow others to take it seriously, building or losing their X Power, and prevents open lobbies from becoming too boring. Hopefully matchmaking will function properly, because that’s a big hurdle for most games, including the largest AAA titles.

Big Run definitely looks like a promising multiplayer mode. Even if some fans aren’t necessarily thrilled by something so small, these kinds of peripheral modes help expand the game, and invite new players who would otherwise ignore something like Splatoon. Either way, it should be a good warm-up.

The new weapons in the trailer have really neat designs. This is the kind of content that will retain players, as long as it helps the meta evolve without unbalancing the existing loadouts.

Splatoon 3 is still on track to be the most accessible and intriguing installment of the series. Over the weekend, the game enjoyed a crossover with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, adding a Splatfest inspired by the upcoming new starters. The winner officially went to Team Water:

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